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50 Social Media Content Ideas

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Are you managing your own social media feeds and struggling with creative block?

It’s challenging to devise regular, fresh content for all your social media channels. However, that’s exactly what attracts and keeps your audience engaged and informed, and makes them more likely to become your customer. So, I’m sharing with you my Top 50 Content Ideas. These suggestions have worked for me and my clients, and I’m confident you’ll be able to adapt most of them to suit your business too.

1. Share a Blog Post

Write a blog and share it across all your social media platforms. If you believe your blog will help others in some way, then share it across some community pages too.

2. Behind the Scenes

Share how you make your product or what project you’re working on today.

3. Freebie

Offer a one-off prize, a gift with purchase or perhaps a downloadable resource.

4. Share a Video

Answer a frequently asked question, a how-to guide or share one of your products/services by video. Watch how many more people view it compared to a photo.

5. Inspirational Quote

Light, bright and uplifting, add some positivity to your followers’ social feeds. You can simply google 'Inspirational Quote' and a theme like 'Friday' or 'Motivation' and choose the one that resonates with you.

6. Face Behind the Brand

Introduce yourself, people love to know who they are buying from and supporting.

7. Business Tip

Share something that has helped you grow your business, it could inspire other business owners too.

8. Advice or Opinion

What would you love to ask your customers?

9. Repost

Share an image from a customer using your product.

10. FAQ

Answer a frequently asked question.

11. Brand Values

Share your brand values and culture with your audience.

12. Throwback

Share a memory, a past project or a previous career you had.

13. Newsletter

Ask people to sign up to your database. Even if you don’t currently send newsletters, collecting emails and permission is extremely valuable.

14. Cross Promote

Promote your other social platforms. Encourage your Facebook followers to follow you on Instagram and vice versa.

15. Fun Fact

Share a fun fact about you, something interesting you love or hate.

16. What inspires you?

Share someone or something that inspires you.

17. Gratitude

Thank your followers for their support.

18. Business Hero

Who is your business hero and why? Tag them, they might share your post.

19. Exclusive

Promote an exclusive offer for Instagram followers only. Tell your Facebook audience to jump over to Instagram to redeem this exclusive offer.

20. Workspace

Share your workspace, what are your must-haves?

21. Fav Product

Choose one favourite product to share (try a video).

22. Brand Story

Share the story behind your brand name or logo.

23. Shout Out

Recommend another small business for your audience to follow.

24. Best & Worst

Share the best and worst advice you’ve been given.

25. Success

Share something great that’s happened recently, whether it’s a company accomplishment or a personal win.

26. Create a Poll

Ask your Facebook audience a multi-choice question, this gives you valuable insight and also creates engagement.

27. Customer Review

Create trust by sharing a testimonial or review. If you don’t have any, ask past customers to write you a review on Facebook.

28. Team

Introduce your team members, yes, dogs are team members too.

29. National ‘Something’ Day

Every day celebrates something, choose a few days relevant to your brand and share them. Guess what today is?... Wear Your Pyjamas To Work Day! I think we can manage that! Browse Days of the Year here

30. ECU

Post an ‘Extreme Close Up’ of an object and have your audience scratching their heads trying to figure out what it is. Great for engagement and a bit of fun!

31. Fill in the Blank

Ask your audience to complete a sentence, e.g. “My favourite thing about (your brand) is…”

32. Statistics

Share an interesting statistic.

33. Re-share

Look over your past 3 months of content and re-share your top performing post.

34. Caption this

Post a funny picture and ask your audience to caption it, great for a laugh and to create engagement.

35. Infographic

Create an explainer image (infographic), which explains how to do, or use, something in a few simple visual steps.

36. Give Back

Show how your brand gives back by donating to a charity or volunteering.

37. Celebrate Holidays

Use our national holidays to celebrate with your audience.

38. Hashtag

Create your own unique hashtag, use it on every post and encourage your followers to share content using your products and hashtag, e.g. Tag #WildDaisyDesign to be featured.

39. Interview

Invite a guest-expert or a team member for an interview, either a written blog or a video, this is a great way to share intelligent and engaging discussion and position yourself as an industry expert.

40. Life Hack

Everyone loves discovering ways to make their lives easier, if you can help, let your audience know! Even if it’s unconventional.

41. Like If

Ask followers to ‘Like if…..’. E.g. Like if you got the magic!

42. Meme

Utilising a relevant meme at the right time can achieve great results.

43. Influence

Partner with an influencer to extend your reach.

44. Product of the Week/Month

Highlight a product and share its benefits, this feels less salesy, great for those who feel uncomfortable promoting products directly on social media.

45. Tag a Friend

Encourage followers to tag a friend in the comments, this is a great way to grow your audience. E.g. Tag someone who you miss having brunch with.

46. Countdown

Tease a big announcement by counting down over several days or weeks. This keeps people intrigued. checking back and looking forward to your next post.

47. True or False

Ask your followers a simple true or false question. Leave it 24 hours before posting the answer in the comments.

48. Industry News

Share relevant articles and updates within your industry.

49. Unboxing

Everyone loves receiving a parcel in the mail, share this experience by creating a video of your product being opened.

50. GIFs

Essentially, moving images. A fun way to share your brand personality and humour.

Wow! That was quite a list!

We hope you implement some (or all!) of these ideas into your social media strategy to grow your business. You’ll never find yourself staring at a blank calendar again.

Of course, if you need some professional help with your social media, Wild Daisy Design are here to help you grow!


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Lachlan Brows
Lachlan Brows
Oct 26, 2023

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